Cheap web hosting is a type of hosting service that is provided at unbelievably low and affordable rates for a start. Internet has become a business hub, every businessman is keen to have website through which he can generate business. In the beginning most of the people hesitate to spend a lot of money on website that's why they develop a small business website to start with. So, cheap web hosting is a perfect solution for anyone looking to set up a personal website or a small online business. As they have small business website their needs are limited as well that's why cheap web hosting services are good enough to fulfill their needs. Having a reliable web host is an essential part of creating your own personal or company web site of any kind. Below you'll find a list of the best and most affordable plans on the Internet. The ranking has been based on a combination of editorial reviews, customer reviews and the value for money.

Reliable cheap hosting company may offer you with numerous hosting plans which include shared, dedicated server and VPS hosting plans. So later on if you want to switch to a higher web hosting plan you can easily switch without facing any down time. This option provides an ease to business website owners.

Shared hosting is suitable for small or personal website; it is cheaper than other hosting plans. Most of the companies offer unlimited space and bandwidth to fulfill your website requirements. It is not that much reliable for business website because of shared server there may lack in security and privacy.

VPS stands for virtual private server hosting is based on single physical server which is further divided in to virtual dedicated servers (VDS). Each VDS is independent of other which ensures security & privacy, no one can access your server with your permission and you have freedom to choose your own operating system (OS). It is recommended for business websites because of its efficient traffic control.

Dedicated server hosting is the most stable hosting server, it is highly suggested for business and e-commerce websites.